Worn Again is an online retail based sustainable company specialising in sourcing and reselling clothing and accessories.

 Our aim is to provide high quality items at a fraction of the price while not sacrificing on service.

 By reusing and reinventing clothing, without prejudging pre-loved items and encouraging people to buy clothes that can be worn again (and again and...).

Our Mission

 With the fashion industry creating much unnecessary waste and pollution, it’s time we consider the amount of unwanted clothes ending up in landfill. By re-using existing clothing and footwear, which may only have been once or twice in it’s lifetime, we can greatly reduce our individual carbon footprint. We want to help change people's perception of second-hand clothing and encourage them to make a statement with their style and principles they can be proud of.  

Our Team

At Worn Again we are blessed to have a great team of fun loving people who all share the same passion for pre-loved clothing and footwear.


We all have our roles to play to make sure only the best garments are selected and scrutinized before they’re presented for photographs and promoted, then packed and posted.